a senior citizen looking for a job on his laptop

Why You Should Hire an Older Worker

Seniors in the workplace get a bad rap. Contrary to popular belief, not all seniors feel the need to stop working after retirement. The perception of a looming retirement means many seniors aren’t given a fair chance when they try to find new opportunities for work.

Seniors bring the benefits of flexible schedules, years of experience, and a strong work ethic to any company they join. It’s time for employers to diversify their workforce and realize all they stand to gain from hiring an older worker.

Seniors Need Less Training

With years of experience, seniors are valuable assets to any company. They’re ready to commit to a company and have years of experience from which to draw.

  • Spend Less Time On Training
    When hiring a senior, you know what they can do. If they fit the job you’re looking for, their experience will carry over.
  • Reduce Errors
    You don’t need to teach seniors the basics. Show them the ropes and quirks of your particular system, and you’ll see much fewer of the typical first-timer errors.
  • Ability To Lead
    Many seniors have been in the workforce for long enough to have been both employees and managers. They’ve filled many different roles in the workplace, and if you need a manager, you’re more likely to find a senior with that type of experience.

Seniors Have Professional Skills

It takes practice to learn how to speak like a working professional. “Business speak” doesn’t come naturally—it’s learned over time. Having a senior on your team means that you know what to expect from them.

  • The Ability To Speak Professionally
    Due to their years in the workforce, seniors have more practice with face-to-face business communication. This is an essential skill for any professional setting. What you see in your interview will reflect how they will be in your workplace.
  • Non-Reliant On Digital Communication
    Seniors are not afraid to pick up the phone instead of sending an email—often a useful skill in getting things done.
  • Seniors Value Hard Work
    Today’s seniors belong to a generation who are used to earning their trophies rather than getting one for trying. Generally task-focused, they don’t waste time in getting the job done.

Seniors Are Easier to Hire

Seniors tend to have a strong work ethic. They can be counted on to show up on time for the day and get their job done.

  • Seniors Work Because They Want To Do So
    Many seniors want a job because they miss working or find retirement too boring. They’ve already built a nice nest egg, so their work is driven by a personal desire to do so—not because they have to.
  • Seniors Have Flexible Schedules
    Need someone who is experienced to work part-time? Or perhaps at odd hours, others aren’t interested in? Seniors looking for a new job usually have more flexibility.
  • You Know Their Work History
    When interviewing a senior, you have much past experience to review. You know their history and can more easily hire based on past accomplishments rather than on what you believe they could do in the future.

Don’t Discount the Seniors

The next time you are hiring, don’t count out older applicants. They have a reliable work ethic, flexible schedules, and experience that you can rely on. You may find that their experience fits perfectly with your business needs.

Last Updated: February 05, 2024