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The 10 Best Places to Hide From Your Boss

Under a Desk

It might be a little cramped, but your boss probably won’t check under your desk. While there, you can get work done while not getting chewed out for putting your own spin on the boss’s very specific instructions. This is extra effective if you put up a sign that says you're out meeting with a potential client.

The Bathroom

When nature calls, you have to answer. If not, you just have to fake it. Just hide out in the stall while you play Criminal Case on your phone. No one wants to talk business with you while you're on the toilet.

Your Car

Here, you can crank up some Pearl Jam and pretend that you never left that job you loved to take a low-level position at a more prestigious company. You can also fall into everyone’s favorite fantasy: telling your boss what you actually think about your job now.

A Really Long Vacation

I hear that Rome is beautiful this time of year. Or, you know, you could go stay at your friend’s lake house for the week. You’ve got to use up those vacation days sometime; you might as well do it while your boss cools down about whatever mistake you made.


Everyone takes sick days from time to time. And with the magic of text messages and emails, you don’t even have to put on a fake sick voice anymore. Just send word that you aren’t going to be able to come into work and stay home catching up on chores. Or binge-watching Scandal. No judgements here.

Conference Room

Schedule back-to-back meetings. Your boss won’t come yell at you if you're visibly doing actual work. It might even ease the tension about any errors you may have had in the past.

Local Coffee Shop

Grab some caffeine for your co-workers. If you happen to take an extra hour, people probably won’t even notice. If they do, just blame your tardiness on the traffic. 

Another Team's Room

This might be mistaken as you taking initiative by combining the efforts of multiple departments. Who knows, while you're there you might get some good ideas for that new project that you're supposed to be working on anyway.

Your Desk...While Wearing a Disguise

I like to call this the Bugs Bunny approach. If your boss doesn’t recognize you, you won’t get yelled at. You might be asked some questions about who you are. Just put on a Swedish accent and say you're the new temp for marketing.

Supply Closet

Go in for paper clips, and come back three hours later. While you're in the closet, you might be able to try some of those meditation tricks that your self-proclaimed “spiritual” significant other has been trying to get you to do. Breathe in, breathe out.