Fashion designers at work

How to Stand Out in the World of Fashion Design

Fashion design is a competitive field, and if you are considering going into it, you should keep that fact in mind. That doesn't mean that you should shrink away from the possibility of a career in fashion design, but it does mean that you should know how to make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Defeat Your Shyness

Having total fear of initiating a conversation with a complete stranger is going to stifle your ability to succeed in the fashion world. You cannot be afraid to take risks and to introduce yourself to a designer. You might be the owner of your dream company at some type of event, and if you do not take the initiative to speak to the individual, your chance to become a well-known and renowned designer may walk right out the door.

Establish an Internet Presence

Some of your networking is still going to happen in-person, especially because this is a field where owners want to see your actual work. However, you also need to have an Internet presence. You can post your website on a networking site for people in the field, and you can keep a portfolio of your designs stored online. Make sure that you are not leaving any designs open to people who might try to steal them.

Creative Business Cards

You absolutely want to have business cards because you are going to meet a lot of people, and you want them to remember you in the event that they would like to call upon you for some work. Dull and ordinary business cards do not show your creative side, which is extremely important in the fashion world. While you do not want to be too eccentric and you always want to maintain a sense of professionalism, work to infuse some creative elements that showcase what you are all about.

Show at Shows

Whether you are showing off your work at New York Fashion Week or you are involved in a local charity show for a non-profit organization in town, exposure is your friend. The more people who see the designs that you make, the more people there are out in the world who are likely to be interested in your work. If you are currently attending school, find out if your institution has any shows coming up or if you would be supported in the event that you started one.

Obtain Professional Training

When important people look at your resume, they are all going to have their own qualities that they prize over others. If you are able to take the steps to get professional training, you'll have something extra that stands out from other individuals. Don't just use this training as a resume-builder though. Work to establish solid connections with your teachers or mentors as they will then become part of your networking community.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015