LinkedIn is pulled up on a laptop

5 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn

While other social media websites have been developed specifically to help you keep in touch with your grandmother or your high school sweetheart, LinkedIn serves a more professional purpose. Basically, the goal is to connect one professional, along with their interests and skills, with another professional who with similar career goals and interests. While there are a lot of main features that the basic LinkedIn user can utilize fairly easily (such as uploading a resume, stating goals, and making a profile), there are also a few that have been hidden.

Include specific keywords.

Since searching specific keywords can bring users to specific profiles, if there is something you specifically want to be found for, make sure to include those keywords in your profile. If you’re looking for something that allows you to utilize your creativity but also requires management abilities, be sure to use those exact words in your profile.

Upload digital projects.

If you were going to an interview and you had examples of your work in print, you would bring those along to show a potential boss. So put them on LinkedIn for the same reason. The interface allows you to upload projects, like a portfolio of digital art or writing, onto your profile so they are available for public viewing.

Use advanced search.

Just like almost every website, LinkedIn has search options. But LinkedIn also has “advanced search” options. This means in your frantic search for a new job, you can look for more specific professions or for employees tailor suited to a job you are trying to fill.

Endorse, endorse, endorse.

On most social media sites, you can claim you’ve done just about anything you want to. Skydiving CEO with an amazing ability to sculpt from marble? Sure! But who is going to believe that, really? The nice thing about LinkedIn is that you can get your friends to “endorse” your skills. Start connecting so everyone knows your skills and talents are real instead of highly entertaining fantasies that don’t actually qualify you for anything.

Utilize LinkedIn’s apps.

LinkedIn has about a billion apps. While you may not need to access every single feature of the website on-the-go, there may be a few things you want to know are going on, like trying to contact someone for a job. There’s an app that lets you easily find the talent you’re looking for while you are away from the desk and fraternizing with the opportunities. Skimming through their apps can save you a lot of time and maximize a lot of opportunities. 

Last Updated: June 10, 2015