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10 Expressions You Never Want to See on Your Boss's Face

When You're Late

You thought you were so sneaky. You took the back stairway and even managed to come in while your boss was in the bathroom. But he noticed, and that smirk your boss is making says it all. This will be used as leverage the next time someone has to come in on Saturday.

When You Make Excuses

You were late with your assignment, so you scrambled to come up with an excuse. You even sent it in an email so it would be easier to lie. But you aren’t fooling anyone. Your boss knows that you were actually at the game on Saturday. Maybe you shouldn’t have been bragging about it in the copy room.

When You're Caught Watching Cat Videos

What’s even worse than being caught goofing off during work hours is that from now on you will be known as “the cat video guy.” It will be a running gag until you retire or finally get up the nerve to quit. And even then, people around the office with snicker to each other as they say, “I’ll bet he’s watching cat videos right now.”

When You Screw Up

There’s a very specific shade of red that you only see on the boss’s face when you make a mistake so terrible that it will cause everyone in the office to stay late every day for the next two weeks. If you hadn’t had such a great track record before this, you would have been fired for sure.

When You Ask a Dumb Question

This face says it all: “Did you really just ask that? Judging by your question, you either love to hear yourself talk or you really are that dense. We’ve been working on this assignment for two months, and you’re just now asking that? You might want to just let Jill handle this one on her own."

When He's Trying Way Too Hard to Be Nice

You know better than to fall for this one. You’ve been working here for four and a half years and you know that your boss is never nice to you unless you're about to get an extra workload. When you see this face and it’s Thursday afternoon, you know you're about to be assigned a project that will be due on Friday.

When Someone Brings Tuna Salad

We all know that Terry’s favorite food is his wife’s tuna salad sandwich, but does he have to stink up the whole office at lunch time? The disgusted look on your boss’s face means that he'll be in a bad mood for the rest of the afternoon. This isn’t a good time to ask for that raise.

When Someone From Corporate Stops By the Office

Your boss is normally pretty strict, but when someone higher up stops in for an inspection, you can’t get away with anything. With your boss on pins and needles, it's best for you to just try to keep from doing or saying anything that might draw attention to yourself.

When Your Joke Goes Too Far

You’ve tried to cultivate a reputation for being the office jokester, but there are limits to what your colleagues will laugh at. It’s okay to tell a few off-color jokes when you’re out at the bar with your friends, but this is a place of business. Now, your boss thinks you're a heartless psychopath who thinks inappropriate jokes are funny.

When You Come to Work Sick

That expression of concern isn’t just for your well-being; it’s panic that you might spread the flu throughout the whole office. You have a strong work ethic, but you really should have stayed home today. The last thing we need is for everyone to be home sick at the same time.