Trendy Alternatives to the Traditional Work Suit

While you’re working hard every weekday to grow and improve your company, you may forget that your office wardrobe needs an upgrade as well. Office fashion is finally pushing past the boundaries of the traditional work suit that has ruled the professional world for the past few decades. There are so many creative options for both men and women, so you have more choices than ever to express your personal style.



This gorgeous material isn’t just for nights out; its also perfect for making a bold statement at the office. Consider trading in your standard blazer in favor of a chic leather jacket, or don a pair of leather pants (not too tight or too shiny, though!).

Scuba Pants

You may not have heard of these pants, but they’re basically office-appropriate leggings. They maintain the comfortable fit, but they’re made of thicker, slightly looser material. You can find them in solid colors and fun new prints.


You’re probably thinking, “I can wear a jumpsuit to the office?” The answer is yes! It all depends on the fit. The key is finding one that’s neither too loose nor too tight, and make sure it doesn’t have a tacky-looking elastic waistband. Also, too much cleavage is a no-go.



The third, underappreciated part of the traditional three-piece suit can actually make the biggest statement. Pair a charcoal gray vest over a plaid or striped button-down shirt for an edgier look.


Khakis are a great option for spring, especially if your office has a more casual dress code. They look sharp with a navy, denim, or even plaid button-down shirt. To keep this outfit even more professional, you can add a cool, slender tie.


Kick your button-down shirts up a notch by layering a shallow v-neck sweater over them. You’ll be cozy in your office, and the best part is that after work, you can switch out your pants for jeans and be instantly ready for a night out.