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Office Fashion Faux Pas

Whether your office’s dress code is business professional or business casual, there are a few universal rules for fashion in the workplace, as well as universal fashion faux pas. Office fashion should be fun, but there are some things you should just never wear to the office.

Crop tops

No matter what Cosmopolitan tries to tell you, it is absolutely never, under any circumstance, appropriate to wear a crop top to work. Ever. Work is a professional place, and crop tops are 100% the opposite of professional. Save your bralettes and tacky cut-up t-shirts for pool parties or club-hopping.


In the very first episode of “Scandal,” the main character, Olivia Pope, criticizes her new employee for baring too much cleavage. Your boss may not be as direct, but if you’re dressed inappropriately, it’s definitely being noticed – and not in a good way. If you want people to take you seriously at work, always make conscious decisions to dress appropriately.

Mini Skirts and Short Shorts

Again, it’s not rocket science; just dress appropriately. Skirts are a fun option for the office; just make sure your skirt length is tasteful. If it’s something you would wear to the club, then don’t wear it to the office. Shorts, on the other hand, are a bit like crop tops. They’re just never going to have a place in the professional world.

Sky-high Heels

Unless you’re working in the fashion industry, any heels over a couple of inches is completely unnecessary. You can look just as put together in a cute pair of flats and be way more comfortable.

Sheer Clothing

Visible bras and panty lines are an obvious no-no for the office. If your blouse is sheer enough that your bra is visible, pair the top with a tank top or just choose a different outfit.

Wrinkled Clothing

Ironing literally only takes a couple minutes, yet it makes all the difference between looking like a slob and looking on point.

Skintight Clothing

Pencil skirts are great, but they shouldn’t be so tight that people at the office mistake you for Kim Kardashian. The same rule applies to blouses; you shouldn’t ever be busting out on either end.

Being Over-Dressed or Under-Dressed

If your office follows a strict business professional-only rule, then dress to the T with work suits, work dresses, pencil skirts, and pumps. But if your office opts to keep it more business casual, your wardrobe should include a wide variety of flats, cardigans, and a more relaxed – yet professional – wardrobe. Take note of the way everyone else at work dresses. If everyone is walking around in jeans and crocs, you’ll feel silly wearing that pencil skirt and sky-high heels. You’re part of a team now, so dress accordingly.