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Office Barbie: What Not to Wear to Work

Crop Tops

Despite what fashion magazines try to tell you, crop tops are - and will always be - inappropriate at the office. You should dress professionally at work - think more along the lines of Olivia Pope than Carrie Bradshaw. Why? Because the people there care more about your ideas and your work than they do your trendsetting style, and you should too.

Save the crop tops for the weekend festivities - like shopping for some new blazers.


Ripped Jeans

Good ripped jeans definitely aren't cheap...but they do look like they are, especially in an office setting. If your office is business casual and jeans are the norm, invest in a few pairs of dark-wash jeans for a more put-together look. 



We all have bad hair days. It's inevitable. Some days it's all you can do to just get out of bed in the morning, and the last thing you want to do is wash and fix your hair. I get it.

Pro tip: Invest in some dry shampoo. Or learn how to rock a messy bun. But hats - especially beanies, which are just way too casual - are a no-go for most offices. Think about it: if Ken isn't allowed to wear a ball cap during a meeting, why should Barbie be allowed to wear a giant, floppy hat?


Flip Flops

Sandals and wedges are perfectly acceptable shoes for the office. Peep-toe heels and booties? Even better. Flip flops? Not so much.

Not only are flip flops not real shoes, they're lazy. They also look awful with a blazer, so if you're not into high heels, invest in a few comfy pairs of flats.


Too-Short Skirts and Shorts

Skinny jeans can get real old real fast, so it's fun to switch it up with skirts and shorts every now and then. But before you wear your new outfit to the office (or even before you buy it, really), you should make sure everything is covered at every angle. The bend-and-snap doesn't work too well at the office if you're baring it all every time you bend over.


Sheer Clothing

Sheer clothing is huge in the world of fashion right now, but not so much in the world of business. If you just absolutely must purchase a sheer blouse, pair it with a tank top for the office. 


Wrinkled Clothing

When it comes to wrinkled clothing, there are two solutions: One, don't buy anything made with rayon, and two, buy an iron. Even lazier than the employee who wears flip flops is the employee who shows up looking like they just rolled out of bed.



Hiding cleavage can be rough, especially if you're blessed with the gift of curves, but it is possible. Steer clear from V-necks and strapless shirts and dresses, and pair potentially risky blouses with a cardigan or a blazer to give it an extra professional touch.


Sweat Pants

So there's this new thing where yoga pants are made to look like dress pants, and apparently people love it. Your boss, however, will not. Dress for the job you want - and I don't know about you, but I can't think of any job that wants you to wear sweatpants (unless you work at home, and then you can be as comfy as you want).


Leggings as Pants

As Queen Blair Waldorf wisely once said, leggings are not pants. They will never be pants. Leggings might have been perfectly acceptable attire when you were attending 11 a.m. classes in college. But you've graduated since then, and now you are a grown, business woman. So it's time to invest in some big girl pants.


Sky-High Heels

Anything over four inches is better off reserved for hitting the clubs on the weekends. Kitten heels, wedges, booties, and flats are all perfect for the office.