An office with red chairs at each cubicle

How to Make Your Cubicle Chic

The way an office space appears affects how employees think and feel about the work atmosphere. If your office space is made up of a more than a few cubicles, it’s easy for the environment to feel drab and uninteresting. If you spice up your cubicle, it can help you feel better and more at ease in your workspace, and it encourages your coworkers to do the same. Here are a few ways to not only brighten your cubicle but show off your chic side, too.

Choose a New Color Scheme

The classic aesthetic of your cubicle may make you feel just as dull and gray as the color of the cubicle that surrounds you while you work. If you already feel tired at work, spice up your area by choosing a new color scheme and going crazy with it in your cubicle. Get a new lamp for your desk, a cute rug for under your chair, or even a small table cloth to cover your desk top.

Cover the Drab Cubicle Walls

Part of choosing a new color scheme might be covering the bulletin boards inside your cubicle with a fun patterned paper or fabric. Just because you can stick notes and pictures on the bulletin board doesn’t mean you must. If you enjoy making your walls a fun color at home, you might like your office to have color just as much.

Bring a Colorful Throw Pillow and Blanket

For the sake of both your comfort and mood, having a cute throw pillow and matching throw blanket to go on your chair may be just the thing you need. It’ll add to the color scheme you’re going for, and it’ll also give your lower back some needed comfort when the 2 o’clock blues hit.

Hang Funky Art

If you don’t like the pattern or plain covering on the bulletin boards, it might be better for you to bring some appropriate artwork or posters to hang in your cubicle. You could also do a combination of new colors with funky art. This shows off your taste in art and makes you look classy.

Bring a Plant or Flowers

If you’re the kind of person who likes something living near you, bring part of your garden to work. Pair a fun vase or flower pot with your favorite plant or flower, and it may just be the simplest thing you can do to make you cubicle more workable. But make sure you remember to water it!

Hang Pictures or Bring Picture Frames

Maybe you like having a bulletin board because it allows you to show off your friends and family to the workers. You can use pictures to make a fun wall design in your cubicle, or you can bring picture frames to decorate the desktop. This adds some color and reminds you of the people you have to look forward to when your workday ends.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015