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Drool-Worthy Desktop Backgrounds You Need to Download

Black, White, and Pink

What's black and white and pink all over? This desktop background, which you needed in your life like, yesterday.


Every now and then, we need a little reminder that it's all about the hustle.

Pool Day

Wishing you were at the pool instead of behind a desk? Distract yourself with this desktop background.

Life is tough...

Sometimes you just need a little pep talk to get through the workday. Let this graphic inspire you.


This is the perfect background to beautify your workspace.


Just a friendly reminder that work is the place to WERK. Stay motivated throughout the werkday with this desktop background.

Floral Banner

Wake up and smell the roses! This desktop background will give you something pretty to look at all day.

Blue skies

This is the perfect background if you want something timeless. Because ombre will never go out of style.


When you need a quick break from work, just take a look at this background and try to figure out what the clouds look like (most of them look like sea creatures, honestly).


Keep sparkling and shining all throughout the workday with this background.