Empy picture frames hang on a wall

DIY Office Furniture and Decor

DIY has taken over the internet like a storm, which is good for both your artsy side and your wallet. If you’re thinking about refurnishing or redesigning your home or work office, then there are more than a few Pinterest-worthy DIY projects for you to discover. Here are some simple, easy, and pretty DIY projects that’ll spice up your office in a hurry.

Chalk Paint on Filing Cabinets

People love multifunctional furniture and décor, and this idea is exactly that. Lots of people are taking old filing cabinets and making them look better than ever. To do this, get some filing cabinets (or use the ones you have), buy some dry erase paint or chalk board paint, and coat your cabinets with it. Some people have painted whole cabinets, and others have just painted squares on the cabinets to give it more of a stacked bulletin board look. Once it’s dry, you’ll have functional cabinet space and the ability to write and erase to-do lists, make calendars, or plan out ideas for work, all on your cabinets.

Photo Frame Dry Erase Boards

You’ll love being able to write on all kinds of things throughout your office with this idea. Buy a few picture frames of all different sizes, but instead of filling them with pictures, fill them with colored or patterned strips of paper. You can even put paint samples inside the frame to create an easy calendar. Then, use dry erase markers to write directly on the glass. You can create weekly or monthly calendars, to do lists, or even use your frame to edit posters and documents. Hang them around the room or use them just for functional purposes. Either way, these will be sure to brighten up your office.

Recycled Tin Can Storage Containers

Save some of your cans in the kitchen and douse them in your favorite paint color for some great new storage containers. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for creating fun storage containers out of tin cans. Stack six colorful cans in a triangle and glue them together for the perfect desktop pencil holder. You could also stack one on top of the other with the bottoms cut out and hang them on a board for a clever magazine or document holder on your wall. Either way, it’ll help you keep organized and add some color to the room.

Add New Fabric to a Boring Office Chair

Is your office chair boring and ugly? Go to the fabric store ASAP and pick out your favorite fabric to cover your old chair. This idea is simple and easy. Simply cover the seat and back of your chair with fabric and either stable it to the underside if it’s yours to keep or use pushpins or if it’s not. This allows you to bring funky fabrics into your office instead of boring blacks and grays.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015