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5 Pieces of Office Furniture Every Home Office Needs

There are a few essential pieces of furniture that every office needs. When you’re designing your home office, think about what office furniture you need to meet your needs, sense of style, and personal comfort. Don’t just think about the basics. Think about how the basics should be designed for you.

1. An Office Desk That Serves Your Needs

Office desks can range from sleek to simple. Depending on the work you do, you might need a computer desk, a simple table, or a desk with endless shelves and drawers. Every office needs a workspace, and for most classic spaces, that means computer desks.

But if you are more into a standing up style of work, maybe think about tall or long tables instead. If you’re mostly going to be working on a computer, think about what size office desk you need. Most modular office furniture is big and clunky, but if you like to keep it simple, make sure your office desk is simple too.

2. An Office Chair That Helps You

People with terrible posture tend to feel it most when working at a desk. Some of the most comfortable chairs in the store end up being the worst chairs in the long run. When you’re designing your office, think about the amount of time you’re going to spend in the chair, and go into you chair decisions with a spine-loving mentality.

Some people find yoga and exercise balls to be the best office chairs because it forces good posture. Others need super-padded chairs with high backs. Whatever your needs, find a chair that will help you.

3. A Couch for Comfort and Style

If you have the room in your office, think about what will be functional and comfortable. Many people like to switch it up when they work, so it may be best to have both a couch and a desk in your home office. Small couches or love seats can be some of the best office furniture to invest in because it adds comfort, ease, and style to any office.

4. Movable Office Pieces That Give You Flexibility

If you prefer your home office furniture to give you mobility and flexibility, consider getting a few pieces that are made to move around. If you’re a tech person, it may help to get some kind of cart with wheels attached to be able to move and optimize your technology and space.

5. Office Accessories That Work For You

Every person designing a home office needs to think about three key things: comfort, utilization, and style. Style is important for any home office for the sake of your mood while you’re doing actual work. Buy a few throw pillows, wall art, posters, or simple rugs to make your office pop. Make your space somewhere you want to spend time. 

Last Updated: January 16, 2018