30 Jobs That AI Will Inevitably Replace

30 Jobs That AI Will Inevitably Replace. Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has been rapidly improving over the years and is becoming a common sight in the world. People have already seen some effects of these technological advancements—ATMs and Amazon’s delivery drones are good examples—but has anyone ever stopped to consider how this could affect the workforce in the coming years?

Movies like The Terminator and I, Robot have made us scared of a future with too many robots around. The robot uprising we fear is a violent one, with evil machines that turn on the human race after we become too dependent on them. If you’ve ever thought about a world in which this could happen, you’re not too far off.

While we’re nowhere near a war with technology, we’re getting close to the day artificial intelligence starts replacing large amounts of human jobs. Today, robots are being used in amazing and productive ways including manufacturing, healthcare, and food production jobs. There is no question about AI becoming a common thing—it’s a matter of when.

Self-checkout lanes, online ordering systems, and even your free tax programs are all examples of AI replacing the human worker. Entire factories of workers are being replaced, but what will be next? You might not expect to hear that your heart surgeon’s top assistant or even local farmers can be replaced by robots, or even that soldiers could be fighting side-by-side with drones.

The future is now, and it’s slowly being overrun with technology. If you’re interested in learning about the many different jobs and career paths that could be taken over by robots, then keep reading to discover 30 jobs that AI will inevitably replace.

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