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15 Thoughts Every Recent Grad is Guilty of Thinking

15. "Please hire me!"

I may not have a lot of experience yet, but look how cute I am...

14. "I make so much money! Time to go shopping..."

An annual salary? I can live with this.

13. "OMG, I have no money."

JK, can I get a raise?

12. "What's a 401(k)?"

And why do I care?

11. "Oh crap, I have to meet with my boss."

Does that mean I'm getting fired?

10. "I think someone just saw me take a selfie."

Please don't fire me.

9. "Coffee. Stat."

Don't act like you don't take advantage of the free coffee at YOUR office.

8. "Please God, don't let anyone come to my desk today."

Just let me drink my coffee in peace, you vultures.

7. "Ugh, taxes suck."

Why are they so important, anyway? Like who actually cares?

6. "I love my desk chair. It rolls. And swivels..."

Wheeee! The real world is such a breeze.

5. "Hand cramp! I have carpal tunnel!"

I just had to get a cushy office job...

4. "Will I get in trouble for napping under my desk?"

Who cares. Still doing it.

3. "Buzzfeed counts as research, right?"

It's not like anyone can see what I do on my work computer, anyway.

2. "Are there any donuts?"

I know there's got to be some around here somewhere...

1. "I HATE whoever brought donuts."

It's a love/hate relationship, obviously.