10 Insta-Famous Kitties Making Their Owners Rich

10 Insta-Famous Kitties Making Their Owners Rich.  Instagram gives us the opportunity to see what we love most—cats. If you’re a cat lover, Instagram is where it’s at. The social media platform has tons of kitties that are utterly adorable. These cats will make anyone’s day ten times better. Heck, it may make feline followers run to their local shelter to find their own kitty to be their best friend, their confidant, their buddy through thick-and-thin.

That being said, the owners are getting something out of this little deal. Instagram is also making the owners of these kitties incredibly rich. Even if you’re not active on Instagram, you may have seen some of these famous felines! One of the most famous, Grumpy Cat (rest in peace, dear kitty) was known for tons of merch and hilarious memes. Then, there’s the snaggle-toothed Princess Monster Truck, who makes people’s hearts melt.

These Insta-famous kitties are gracing the world with their cuteness and giving their owners quite the profit. Who knows, maybe your kitty can do the same. It’s time to start an Instagram for your kitty. Who knows, maybe your kitty will be the next social media craze with their face on mugs.

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