Welding Job Opportunities

Welders have skills that are compatible with a number of different industries. If you’re looking to make a career out of welding, then you should know about all of the welding job opportunities available. The great thing about being a welder is that your specialized skills enable you to jump from industry to industry while you gain valuable experience. Each industry offers different advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to think about your interests before choosing a specific industry or job.

Architecture and Structural Metals Manufacturing

In the architecture industry, understanding how to reinforce buildings and structures is vital to the stability of the products. Welders in the architecture industry weld high-strength joints to provide the needed stability. Common duties of architectural welders are reading blueprints, cutting metal pieces, and welding materials into place.

Agricultural, Construction, and Mining Manufacturing

Welders that work in manufacturing industries often weld materials for products sold in given industries. In the agricultural, construction, and mining industries, welders are most likely helping to build equipment and structures needed.

Commercial and Industrial Manufacturing and Repaid

Many commercial and industrial companies sell home appliances. The appliances sold in these industries are often made out of metal and alloys. Where there are metals and alloys, there are always welders. Welders in commercial and industrial industries most likely help build products and equipment needed to run the business.

Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing

Many welders work manufacturing cars and trailers that people and businesses use all the time. If you love cars, consider building your welding skills. Welders are not mechanics. Welders are the people in this industry that are helping to build the cars.

Aircraft Building and Repair

Like motor vehicle welders, welders in the aircraft industry help to build aircrafts for commercial airlines and the military. Welders are all so vital when repairing aircrafts for safety and maintenance reasons.

Ship and Boat Building and Repair

Welders in the shipping and boating industries build and repair boats for commercial sale and for cruise lines.


All skills-based jobs require training before someone can really practice in the industry. Of course, in order to learn skills, you need a great teacher. Whether you’re mid-career and ready for a change or you just enjoy working with students, there are teaching jobs available in both high school and community college settings. Many welders work as shop teachers or in vocational programs to help students get the skills they need to succeed in life.