The Best CRM Software for Real Estate

In the real estate industry, customer relationship management (CRM) suites can be the key to success. Imagine having one centralized location where you can keep your leads, client information, client interactions, and everything else you need to ensure you're selling homes, closing deals and, most importantly, maintaining important relationships—all while improving your office's productivity. The truth is that any business can benefit from high-quality CRM software, but there are some programs aimed specifically at the real estate industry. Here are five of the best.

FreshSales by FreshWorks 

FreshSales by Freshworks is often considered the best real estate CRM software on the market. It allows you to unify all of your information into one place so your agents and other team members can view info with ease. On your dashboard, you can view basic customer information, copies of conversations had with customers on various channels, a layout of each customer's engagement with your organization, tasks that still need to be completed, any future appointments, your customers' engagement with your website, and which emails and marketing tools your team has sent to them.

You won't find a better tool to create the ultimate rundown on each of your clients and customers. Best of all, it's all automated. This frees up your team's time and can help increase productivity. It can also help increase customer engagement. FreshSales offers a free version as well as three premium packages, each one with a monthly fee of under $100.   


Streak is designed to specifically integrate with Gmail so that you stay organized and don't suffer from any interruptions to your workflow, and it's said to be so easy that anyone who has ever used a spreadsheet can use it. In addition to making your inbox more efficient, Streak will help you manage and share documents, share emails with your teams with ease, work within the permissions you set, provide you a contextual history of each client, and provide you with reminders on what you need to do next to follow up. It also tracks your performance and provides you with aggregate data so you can make smart decisions based on what's happening in real-time.  

Real Geeks 

Real Geeks is CRM software that is all about helping you generate leads. It's a necessity for anyone who is looking to grow their real estate business and, even better, it was built by actual real estate agents. The software allows you to monitor activity in real-time, create auto-responses to help you generate leads in a timely manner, use a super-advanced search filter, receive notifications for texts and emails that require immediate response, and find social media profiles that are worth engagement based on your criteria. You can also use it to assign leads based on information like geographic location, sync your interactions in one organized platform, and integrate with programs like Zillow or Real Geeks integrates fully with almost any third-party software you may already have as well.   


Propertybase is great because it works for your entire team, not just the agents. It can help make your brokers, marketers, owners, managers, and administrative workers more productive too. The company offers two products: CRM Go and CRM Salesforce Edition, but each one is designed to help you turn leads into customers and increase your office's overall efficiency. Grow and nurture your lead database, use automation tools for fast follow-ups, get your hands on important data and analytics, and even manage your multiple listing service (MLS) listings. Find better ways to promote your properties, manage email marketing, and much more.   

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is easy to use, and it comes with various payment options, so you can pay monthly, annually, or create a customized plan. It's considered an industry standard when it comes to real estate CRM software. Features include contact management, lead automation, transaction management, marketing, commission data reports, team features, landing pages, time management, and text messaging. The company offers 24/7 live support should you need it, and the software integrates seamlessly with practically any other program you use. Best of all, the focus is not just on you and your team, but it's aimed at making the customer experience as smooth and positive as possible, which we all know is the best way to keep them coming back.