An EMT takes care of a woman on a stretcher

How to Find EMT Jobs

Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, are medical professionals who provide intermediary care between sites of emergencies and hospitals. EMTs often work in ambulance crews to be on-call for emergencies whenever they may happen. EMTs are not paid as much as medical professionals with a higher level of training, but they are important professionals for protecting the public and saving lives. If you are excited by the prospect of saving lives and remaining calm in the face of emergencies, you should consider becoming an EMT. Once you’ve finished training (or if you already have finished EMT training), here are a few tips for finding job opportunities.

  1. Online Search Tools

    Because it’s a digital age, many people in the middle of a job search are turning toward new search tools to replace old newspaper and yellow pages ads. There are a wealth of broad job search websites like,, and that allow you to search for jobs by using position titles, job descriptions, locations, and position level. There are also job search sites just for medical professions and EMTs. and are two examples of these types of sites. You may find other postings on information websites oriented toward EMTs and related occupations.
  2. Apply Directly to Local Services

    If you are trying to be an EMT in the area you are already residing in, you should consider connecting with people and applying directly to local services. Many cities have emergency and ambulance services organizations that are a part of the government or contracted by the government. These types of services are where most EMTs are employed.
  3. Go to the NREMT Websites

    The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is a national organization that provides national certification examinations for EMTs. This site has tons of information for aspiring and current EMTs who can help you find training programs, and can also help you in your job search. They also have several job postings with EMT job descriptions listed on the website. Use the NREMT as a valued resource during both your job search and your career.
  4. Look for Jobs Outside of Ambulance Services

    While most EMTs work for emergency services like ambulances and hospitals, firefighting stations, and police departments, some organizations, like camps and schools, hire EMTs to be on staff in case of emergencies and to provide training within the organization. Consider searching for organizations that are looking for EMTs outside of the traditional emergency services realm, especially if you’re looking for experiences to launch your career further.