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How to Find Elementary School Teaching Jobs

Elementary school teachers are key figures in the learning process for kids in formal education settings. If you’re an education major seeking an entry-level position, or a current teacher looking for a new job in a different school, it can be overwhelming to figure out where there are job openings and how to apply. Different schools and school districts have different ways of reviewing applications and doing interviews. Luckily, there are a number of ways to find elementary school teacher jobs. Use these tools and suggestions to your benefit during the job search.

Search for Job Postings on School District Web Pages

If you have a specific school or school district where you would like to work, your best option is to go directly to that school district’s website. Many schools will post job openings on a variety of websites to help get the best pool of applicants, but going directly to the site is where you are likely to find the most information. This will also give more information about the school to help prepare you for any potential interviews.


Sometimes creating professional relationships with teachers and administrative leaders at school is your best path to a future job. Whether you form these relationships through personal connections, during your studies, or while you’re student teaching, the more the school knows about you as an individual, the better your chances are of landing a job compared to a person who randomly found a job through an advertisement or listing.

Search Online Job Search Engines

There are numerous job listing search engines on the web that allow you to organize listings by location and occupation. This helps you to see lots of different positions out there rather than narrowing in on one school district or school.,, and are classic search engines for all occupations. There are also many smaller search engines just for teaching jobs. and are great options to help you in your job search.

Find a State Teaching Job Locator

There are plenty of job search engines out there, but they can be tricky when you’re looking for a teaching job in one location. Many schools won’t post listings on broad search engines. However, most states have state-specific search engines for governmental and education jobs. This can help you locate jobs all over you state. These sites will also have information about state guidelines and requirements that you have to follow when applying. If you’re looking to move states, finding these kinds of sites can be really helpful for making sure you look through all of the school districts since you won’t necessarily be familiar with school districts in the area.  

Last Updated: August 03, 2015