A chemical engineer talks on the phone and points to a pipe

How to Find a Chemical Engineering Job

Finding a job in chemical engineering depends on the level of training, experience, expertise, and specific chemical engineering proficiency. For example, product-based manufacturing facilities require services of chemical engineers to maintain balance between machinery and chemicals used in manufacturing processes. Chemical engineers are in great demand in environmental engineering as a result of constant changes in regulatory compliance laws. Chemical engineers with knowledge of EPA and state regulatory compliance are charged with duties of upgrading chemical processes to meet new compliance regulations. 

What Kind of Education and Training is Involved?

In order to be hired, chemical engineers are required to possess a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Entry-level chemical engineers are hired based on prior training or a professional engineering (PE) license. PE status is obtained by taking the required test and receiving a passing grade. Possessing a PE license adds to the value of chemical engineers. Training involved depends on demands and specialty field of the job offered. 

Where are the Best Locations of Chemical Engineering Jobs? 

The best locations for chemical engineering jobs are in areas rich in energy, manufacturing, and environmental jobs. Energy, specifically petrochemical energy industries, are largely found in the West and Midwest. Chemical engineering jobs in manufacturing are located in the South. 

What Steps Should be taken to Acquire a Chemical Engineering Job?

The most important feature of chemical engineering jobs is the ability to grow in skill and experience. Create a network of chemical engineering associates for the best possible job search results. Document newly acquired skills, publication of technical papers, and newly developed processes developed, implemented and attributable to your input. Chemical engineering jobs should always turn into a career that moves upward over the long term of the career. 

Certain chemical engineering jobs require ability to work in teams and with various types of other engineers. The most proficient chemical engineers maintain state-of-the-art skills and are vigilant of the newest studies and techniques. Staying current is one of the most important ways to become a chemical engineering professional in high demand. 

Last Updated: April 15, 2015