How to Answer Those Tough Job Interview Questions

When interviewing for a job, it’s often difficult to answer some questions as the HR manager or your potential boss will ask tough open-ended questions. While true, with a little preparation and thought, you can answer the tough interview questions and land the job. With this in mind, here are the top four difficult questions and how to answer them.

"What is Your Worst Quality?"

Often, the hiring manager will ask the candidate what his or her worst quality is. Now, there are two ways to answer the question. When one asks you this question, you can claim that you don’t possess any negative attributes. Obviously, the person conducting the interview will struggle to believe you as all of us need to improve in our careers. The other way you can respond is to answer with a serious negative. While the truth is better than lying, you still need to answer this is the right way. For this reason, when one asks you to mention your worst quality, provide the answer and offer an explanation. For example, if you answer that you struggle to meet deadlines, tell them it’s because you want to complete the task thoroughly and without errors. With this, you can show you are honest; at the same time, you will highlight your positive attributes.

"Do You Work Well with Others or Alone?"

During an interview, it’s common to hear this question as a company will want to know your style. Now, you can answer one way or the other way and not hurt your chances. However, you need to consider the job at hand. If you are interviewing for a programming position, you can probably answer that you work well alone. On the other hand, if you interview for a project management or sales job, you will want to highlight your experience working well with others. When doing so, you will help your chances at landing the job.

"Can You Tell Me About a Time You Failed?"

In our day-to-day lives at work, it’s easy to commit mistakes. In fact, over time, it’s inevitable that you will end up committing serious errors. While not a huge deal, you need to give an honest answer to this question. To do so, state where you messed up and how you fixed the situation. If you answer truthfully and offer your solution to the problem, you will impress the interviewer who will appreciate an honest and well-thought-out response.

"Have You Ever Had Problems With a Supervisor?"

If you are in the workforce long enough, you will deal with rude and angry supervisors. While this is inevitable, if you answer the question with tact, you can improve your chances at landing a job. To succeed with this question, offer the truth and tell the hiring manager how you handled the situation.

It’s not easy walking into a company and sit down for an interview. However, if you nail these four difficult questions, you will impress the hiring manager.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015