Finding a Job in Sales

You can find sales jobs in almost any type of business. Whether the company is a small flower shop, a large retail chain, or an enormous software company, most businesses are in need of salespeople. If you are looking to be hired as a salesperson at a company near you, the good news is that you can find jobs using a few different methods.

Evaluate Your Interests

When looking for sales jobs, do not box yourself in with one search method, company, or industry. Take inventory of your interests to see what you might enjoy selling. Some salespeople find themselves more successful when they sell products or services in which they have an interest. However, others are just as content to follow the money. This can work if you have a lot of experience in sales. Novice salespeople should look for jobs in industries in which they have either professional or academic experience.

Search the Internet

The most obvious place to look for any kind of work these days is on the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized the job hunt process so much that the days of sending out resumes by snail mail seem like another age. To find sales jobs that fit your experience level, salary and location requirements, use a search engine to learn about the most popular job websites. While popular sites like CareerBuilder and Monster are a good place to start, there are job search websites that are tailored to salespeople looking for sales jobs. An example of one of these career-specific sites is, which currently has more than 724,000 job listings for salespeople.

Use University Resources

If you are a college student, your school's career services office can be a great place to find work in sales. An advisor in this office can guide you toward work in an industry that is related to your academic major or personal interests. If you have already graduated, most colleges and universities extend these services to alumni.

Inquire in Person

Years ago, salespeople looking for a job would walk into a company headquarters and ask for the person in charge of hiring decisions. If they got in front of this person, the salesperson would need to explain why he or she would be an asset to the company. Selling yourself in person can mean you can sell a company's products. Just because there are online job boards does not mean you can't search for jobs in person.

If you're going to inquire about a sales job in person, you have to look, act, and talk like a competent salesperson. Have a neat and professional appearance. Make friendly eye contact with everyone you speak to, and speak in an even tone. Don't speak too loudly or softly.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015