Architectural Software

Use the architectural tools of the 21st century to create buildings that are both functional and fascinating. Modern building requires modern tools and the best architectural software options available can help you create them. Gone are the days of putting pencil to paper. You don’t need to have fantastic art skills just to design a building. Those interested in a career in architecture can utilize architectural software to come up with designs and share them more readily in an online environment. Much of the software available out there uses state-of-the-art technology and programming to execute and visualize your designs. Online, you’ll find a variety of software options available but not all of them are worth your time nor money. If you are interested in the best architectural software, read on to find out more!

Graphisoft’s Archicad is an architectural software designed to allow easy collaboration between members of a team. Graphisoft knows that design is just one aspect of the architectural process and that’s why they’ve also created software that makes visualizing your designs and documenting them easy. The design feature offers built-in tools and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the design process. The visualization tool allows you to turn your designs into a functional 3D model that makes your designs more engaging. Create document sets and publish them to share your designs and eliminate the need for paperwork. Try it out today by signing up online for a Graphisoft ID.

Sketchup is another architectural software option from Trimble. Sketchup brings sketches to life through schematic design to documentation. This software will help you with all aspects of architectural design. Sketchup allows you to create sketches as if you were using paper and pencil for those who aren’t privy to complex 3D modeling software. Sketchup allows you to draw any structure without hindering your creativity. And with the design-build process, you can better analyze problems and start construction as soon as possible. Documents of your structure can be rendered in 2D or 3D. Create schematics that are remarkably accurate and automatically change as you tweak your design. On top of this, you can create images and videos that show clients your project in greater detail You can even implement virtual reality to really immerse them.

Pricing for Ketchup starts at $119 per year. This gives you access to unlimited pre-built 3D models, unlimited cloud storage and an augmented reality mobile viewer. Sketchup Pro offers a desktop 3D modeler, 2D document design, virtual reality, desktop plugins and quick insights for research – which you can get for $299 per year. The $699 plan is ideal for anyone running a studio because it gives you everything you need for a professional studio at your fingertips.

A final option is easily the most intuitive option. AutoCAD lets you create 2D and 3D models with design automation and plenty of industry toolsets. It also offers the availability of web-based and mobile apps. By automating the architectural process, you can better manage workflow which may make it well-worth the cost. Prices start at $1,509 per year or you can pay $220 per month. Check it out online to learn more.