App Development

Apps. There are millions of apps out there for phones, laptops and other mobile devices. In a sea of apps, the idea of getting your app out there and coming up with something original can seem nearly impossible. Even if your goal isn’t to blow people away with a brand-spanking-new concept, getting people to even care about your app enough to install it and keep it on their phone is the greatest challenge, particularly when you consider that sea of apps available. Why should they choose yours over any of those other ones when phone storage is so limited? Nevertheless, it can be done. You can make a great app for your customers and potential customers, but it starts with a great app development tool. With that said, read on to learn more!

Some of the most common reasons for creating an app is for people starting up a company that doesn’t have the funds to hire someone or they are freelancers who create a variety of apps for profit. Building a mobile app can be a tremendously profitable endeavor if you know what you are doing. Coming up with an idea for a mobile app is really the easy part, it’s executing that idea is what’s tricky. While you might be nervous about competing with all the other apps out there, sometimes you might be surprised by how little competition you have in your industry.

When it comes to making money off of your app, it’s important to remember one thing: most mobile apps are free. Typically, apps that are not free are less appealing to download. With that said, you will have to think about how you will make money off of your app. Is your app going to increase sales through marketing, offer microtransactions, or facilitate sales. The means are up to you but once you’ve decided that you’ll need to decide on your budget and how you will execute your idea.

If your goal is to create something truly original, probably your best bet is to learn to code or if you can code already, you can use those skills to develop your app. If you don’t know how to code, you can get a degree in computer programming, but even that isn’t necessary. There are online learning lessons available through websites like Code Academy, which offers hundreds of lessons that will get you coding like a pro. Otherwise, you can turn to app builders.

There are numerous app builders available online. One option is BuildFire, a tool that provides you with all the essentials you need to create an app. The most basic plan, available for $159 per month offers the basics, while a business model is available for $299 and a Enterprise model for $424 per month. OutSystems is another option available for creating mobile or web applications. You can try it out for free or schedule a demo. Corona Labs allows you to develop apps for mobile and desktop use, as well as games. The tool is available for free and works on iOS and Android. Check out these options online now to discover what they can do for you.