Fashion designer draws sketches on a tablet

5 Tools You Need to Become a Successful Fashion Designer

Working in the field of fashion design may have been your dream since you were little, or perhaps you've just started to envision this possibility as your dream career. Passion for the field and a creative eye are two personality traits you'll need, but these other tools will come in handy as well.

Business Cards

When you're out in the field, you’re going to meet a lot of people. While you'd like to think that all of them will remember your name, they probably have networked with many other individuals as well. Therefore, you need to make business cards. These cards should exude your sense of style, but should also maintain a strong sense of professionalism. Include information on how to get into contact with you, and be sure to include the URL to your website as well.


You can describe the work that you make and the style that you love, but you need to have pieces to show to buyers or companies where you are applying to work. Having a digital portfolio is an excellent idea so that you can show your work throughout your years in the field. Keep in mind that most opportunities are going to require that you show some garments in-person too.

Digital Sketching Tools

Sitting outside in nature with paper and pencil is an excellent way to obtain that much needed source of inspiration. However, in the 21st century, you will also want to acquaint yourself with some digital sketching tools. Doing so is a smart way to find other resources that can help you to craft your designs, and it will also help you to stay up-to-date when you are in the classroom or business setting. You may very well be required to use certain forms of technology.

Degrees and Experience

The decision to become a fashion designer is not always one that goes in-tandem with the choice to obtain a college degree. However, you should consider the ways in which having a degree can really help you out. Working toward a degree helps to make you more marketable, and you will have the chance to establish connections with people in the discipline. Whether you have a degree or not, obtaining experience in the fashion design world is important.

Professional Contacts

Working toward a job in fashion design means that you need to know some people along the way. These individuals can be your college professors, or they could be owners of clothing lines that you met at a networking conference. Remember, burning bridges only makes your journey to success more difficult. Even if you are not looking for a job with a former employer, you may wish to ask him or her to serve as a reference.

Entering the field of fashion design is one that requires you to have a vision and to have creative methods for executing that vision. Draw that into the skills and tools listed above, and you'll find that you are the complete package.

Last Updated: May 04, 2015