Interior design supplies sitting on a desk.

5 Signs You Should Study Interior Design

Many of us have gazed at an exquisitely decorated room and felt inspiration to create our own spectacular spaces. But do you have the skills needed to help others realize and achieve the same result in their homes and businesses? Here are 5 indicators that suggest that interior design might be the right field for you.

  • You Are a Natural Leader
    One of the most important assets that interior designers possess is leadership. In addition to conceptualizing the look and feel of the space, you need to be able to guide others in understanding and creating your vision. Interior designers are responsible for directing contracting crews, as well as effectively leading the client through the process of design and implementation. Taking charge and helping your team and/or client bring the concept to life is an essential skill in interior design.
  • You Are Organized
    Organization is key to interior design concepts. Furniture placement, wall decorations, and other adornments need to be arranged in a pleasing and attractive way. The layout of the room is essential in bringing your concept to a successful reality. Additionally, interior designers are often juggling several clients' spaces, budgets, and work crews. It is important you be able to balance all of these groups effectively to keep your projects on track.
  • You Can Visualize
    Part of being a good interior designer is having a good eye. When looking at a space, it is important to be able to envision the colors, patterns, and furniture that work and fit within the room. If you are unable to do so effectively, you may make costly mistakes by purchases items that don’t work together. There are computer programs that can help you play with and achieve the look you desire, but the most successful designers are able to visualize on the spot.
  • You Understand Color
    One of the key components to decorating is color. As an interior designer, you will need to be able to envision undertones and complementary colors in order to make furniture, draperies, and decorations work together within your space. A natural or learned understanding of color will help you to become a more successful interior designer.
  • You Can Multitask Effectively
    Interior designers serve many roles in their profession. They are concurrently creators, contractors, mediators, and bosses. There are also many different facets of the job that must be completed simultaneously, such as designing the spaces, physically constructing the concept, and managing budgets. It can be difficult to manage all of the responsibilities and expectations of the job at once. If you are able to easily juggle multiple tasks, you will likely be an effective interior designer.

If you love decorating and possess the skills listed above then you have what it takes to successfully design and create beautiful, functional spaces. Enroll in an interior design program today to get started on your ideal career.

Last Updated: June 29, 2015