5 Reasons You Need a Customer Support Platform Portal

With today's fast-paced life, customer support platforms are becoming increasingly mainstream. It's all about being user-friendly and efficient. According to a survey by Statista, 88 percent of those surveyed said they expected customer support platforms and online customer survey systems. While having a mobile app with a customer service bot is important, customers need a portal and customer service chatbot that's web-based as well.

 1. It's Customer Specific

Your portal should have robust enough features that it is tailored to every client. Your portal should have such features as the ability to create and track support-related tickets, having a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section with the knowledge to help troubleshoot, and manage orders. Not only is it customer-specific, but it is also customer-friendly, which means that your clients can find answers they need that are particularly tailored to them. 

2. It's in Real-time

Generally speaking, most customers prefer more personal interactions to get a problem solved, but that can be time-consuming. Instead, having a real-time, live portal allows your customers or clients to access information immediately without waiting for an agent in chat or over the phone. In theory, much of customer service relies on personal experiences. However, as modern society changes, so do customers' needs.

3. A Portal Helps Create a Community

In addition to giving your customers the option to access information in real-time, your customer support platform portal can also feature community-enabled support, such as a forum. Here, customers can post a question, and your agents or other customers can provide answers. Quite often, there will be another knowledgeable customer in the forum that can help the other. Soon enough, you have a growing community. 

4. Portals with Connected Apps Provide Information 24/7

Make sure that along with your customer support platform portal you include a mobile-based app along with it. Perhaps a customer has an immediate need for information and they are on the go. If they have your app installed, then they can get the answers they need quickly without having to wait to get to a computer. The app provides ease of access to those who need answers immediately. 

5. You Can See Every Support Ticket 

One of the major benefits of having a customer support platform portal is the ability to see support tickets come into your organization in real-time. Because of the digital nature of the portal, you can see customers' prior support tickets to help solve the problem. For instance, there may have been an older ticket that can shed some light on the customers' needs. In addition to you seeing all of the support tickets, individual customers can also see their past questions and support tickets. This prevents them from having to ask the same question again when the answer is right there immediately.