5 of the Best Online Customer Survey Systems

Not paying attention to what your customers want and need from you could cost you big. Research from PwC shows that 32% of customers would walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. A total of 59% would stop interacting with a favorite brand after several negative experiences.

What's more, consumers are willing to pay extra for an amazing customer experience. So, how can you improve? For starters, you need to get to know your customers better and give them an opportunity to share their feedback with you. One effective way to do just that is using online customer survey systems. 

These tools make it easy for you to gain insight from your customers. You can then use those insights to drive better business decisions and create a customer experience that will keep propelling your business forward. Ultimately, the one that's best for you and your business is the one that best meets your needs. Here are five options to help get you started.


This online customer survey system lets you get started for free. It already has more than 40 million users, and it lets you create complex surveys quickly without requiring any coding skills. Signing up for a paid option opens up more data options and gives you increased access to sophisticated features. SurveyMonkey gives you access to customizable templates, reports, and mobile surveys. It also grows and adapts with your needs, giving you the ability to create a variety of surveys including:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market research
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Marketing
  • Employee satisfaction


One of the ways that this online customer survey stands out is its focus on user interaction. By engaging users to get better survey responses, Typeform's methodology gets a completion rate that's roughly four times higher than industry standards. Not only does Typeform integrate with HubSpot, but it also offers features like hidden fields that let you greet your participants using their names and conversation tracking. It also features question branching that uses conditional logic to include appropriate follow-up questions, making the surveys feel more conversational to your customers.


With more than 280 customizable templates, JotForm makes it easy to create your own engaging surveys. This online customer survey system has a free drag-and-drop survey maker, which means you set up the logic, colors, and fonts to be on brand and add your questions and then start sharing to interact quickly. The ability to automate complex tasks, embed surveys into your website, and create interactive surveys lets you boost completion rates and better engage with your customers. 

Question Pro

This online customer survey system offers several versions: A free Essentials version, with limited features, plus Advanced and Custom versions that let you create mobile surveys and generate detailed reports, and an Enterprise version that also assigns you to a dedicated success manager. All of these versions allow you to create unlimited surveys. But if you want a variety of templates and customizable features, you'll need to sign up for one of the paid plans. No matter what version you have, you'll be able to create surveys, quizzes, and polls quickly. QuestionPro also gives you the option to create multilingual surveys.

Google Forms

When you're looking for great online customer survey systems that don't cost anything, it's tough to beat Google Forms. It features a drag-and-drop interface that makes survey creation simple, fast, and easy. You can also customize your design, get real-time response information, and sync your data with your other accounts in the G Suite. Because it's free and easy to use, many businesses use this as their go-to option. However, it does require users to have a Google account.