10 Vital Things to Mention in Job Interview

When offered an interview for a possible job opportunity, whether it be a phone or in-person interview, it is always best to have a plan of things you must mention to make yourself stand out. It is hard to predict exactly how the interview will go. You must be ready for a variety of questions.

  1. Tell the Employer about Yourself
    Do not provide your full life story. Provide short and sweet details of where you are from, if you went to college, had an internship, attended a workshop, and any volunteering or employment.
  2. Explain Why You Applied for the Job
    Mention how you found out about the job and make sure you’ve done your research on the company, potential job duties, and how you will benefit the company.
  3. Describe Your Skills and How You Will Benefit the Company
    The skills you want to provide and focus on during the interview really depend on the job you are applying for. Is it an office setting? Make sure you mention skills like proficiency with productivity or creative software suites. You can also provide specific examples of how you’ve used certain computer programs, machines, tools, or other devices.
  4. Describe a Situation Where You Provided a Solution to a Problem
    Provide a quick story of how you solved a problem. For example, when working on a group project in college, did you lead the group to an answer that everyone else was having difficulty researching? You can also discuss how you’ve helped coworkers or when you worked overtime.
  5. Explain Your Strengths
    Make sure you explain your strengths accordingly. Will the job cause you to have a tight schedule? Make sure you mention your excellent time management skills and how you always have met tough deadlines.
  6. Explain Your Weaknesses
    Always provide a strength after you provide a weakness. For example, you can state how you would need to learn a new computer system. Then explain how you’ve needed to learn new things previously and excelled at them.
  7. Explain Why You Left Your Past or Current Job
    Provide a calm answer of how the new job will be a better fit for you. Do not trash talk your current or previous employer.
  8. Provide Your Salary Requirements
    Be honest of what you need to earn to manage your lifestyle and needs. If you are flexible, state that.
  9. Ask Your Own Questions
    You can ask what a typical day is like for a current employee. Ask what training would entail. Ask how soon you will hear back from them regarding their decision. Ask if there will be supplemental interviews, tests, or meetings.
  10. Make Sure You Thank the Interviewers for the Opportunity!
Last Updated: April 15, 2015