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What Kind of Insurance Agent Should You Be?

There are several different types of insurance agents, but deciding which one is best for you does not have to be difficult. Many people are advised to examine their strengths, weaknesses, and passions, to determine which insurance agent would be best for them. Here's what they came up with.

What's Required for a Life Insurance Agent?

If you're interested in investments, estate planning, and family continuation, you may be interested in being a life insurance agent. Life insurance agents may also wear more than one hat. They are often licensed to sell health insurance also because the two are considered to be complementary policies.

What's Required for a Health Insurance Licensing?

Health insurance agents are required to understand the Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care needs. These types of agents will help people get the health insurance they need at affordable rates.

What's Required for Property and Casualty Insurance Licensing?

Property and Casualty insurance is recommended for the type of agent that likes a more tangible product. This type of insurance covers tangible items such as autos, homes, boats, and businesses. This type of insurance will also cover liability issues that arise and can protect them from lawsuits.

Personality Type That's Most Compatible for Insurance Agents

Though most people need insurance, insurance sales can be a really difficult business. Most insurance agents quit within three years of joining the industry because the job is so stressful. Insurance agents are constantly faced with rejection after rejection. Though there isn't one personality type that's suitable for an insurance agent, there are some personality types that tend to have more success than others.

In general, a dominant and influential personality type will work the best for selling insurance. Someone with patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness will be more successful in the business. Individuals who understand the structure and organization will also do well with insurance sales.

Salespeople should always be upbeat and have a unique ability to build a rapport with nearly anyone. They have to be good communicators. Most sales people have a large network and know a lot of people. They are also ambitious.

What Kind of Insurance Agent Should You Be?

In general, a salesperson should pay close attention to details. You should remain focused and keep a positive attitude. All of these things will help you sell more products and services. If you're considering a career in insurance, be sure you know what to expect from the experience.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015