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What is Computer Programming?

Computer programmers are the controllers of the computer. Computer programmers are both designers and implementers. They have to be trained in computer science and programming, which is essentially the art of writing computer code. There are a variety of ways to use to computer code, and there are even multiple languages for which you can write computer code.

Computer programmers have to rely on a lot of previous training and knowledge in order to be successful in the field. As a computer programming major, you’re taught practical knowledge that you’ll have to retain and be able to use effectively down the road. Computer programming majors have to learn how to write computer code in multiple computer code languages. The most commonly used computer code languages are C++ and Python. Computer programmers have to know the differences and be able to apply them.

In practice, computer programmers design computer software based on the specifications and needs of the company for which they’re working. This often means taking someone else’s creative vision and writing the actual code to make it happen. This can be a stressful job, but it can also be a very rewarding one. Computer programmers also have to be able to update current programs, which can be a difficult task. Updating programs means rewriting the language someone else may have written, so computer programmers have to have extensive knowledge of coding language. Computer programmers also have to be able to debug programs and test their programs for errors. Otherwise the code they’re writing is ineffective.

Computer programmers often work in typical office spaces for various companies. Often, the companies computer programmers work for are technology services and related industries. Most computer programmers are full-time employees. Most companies require computer programmers to have a bachelor’s degree, but some will accept those with an associate’s degree.

A major challenge for computer programmers is that the field is ever-changing and growing. The skill set of a computer programmer 20 years ago looked very different from the skill set of a computer programmer today. This is because we’re in a technological era where there’s a pressure to have better and better computers and software programs. Computer programmers may be constantly learning throughout their career, but they’re also in relatively high demand.

If you’re thinking about becoming a computer programmer, then your job prospects are actually pretty good. Be prepared to push yourself to learn the computer code, but don’t mistake computer programming for a completely logical field. Computer programming takes hard work and creativity, so make sure you have those attributes before starting your studies as a computer programmer! 

Last Updated: April 15, 2015