An insurance agent goes over some details with a client while the sun shines down on them

What is an Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents are the people you contact directly when you have questions about car or home insurance. They are the talkative salespeople who try to sell you various policies or upgrades. They know about the major changes that are occurring within their industry of expertise. Anyone interested in becoming an insurance agent should know more about what they need to do.

You will find all kinds of fields to work in as an insurance agent. The main agents are employed by health, life, car, home, and insurance companies. There are two major types of agents: captive and independent. Captive agents work for only one particular company, while independent agents work for a variety of agencies. Independent agents shop around for rates and make affordable comparisons for customers. Most insurance providers are required to sell insurance deals to new and old customers. They make calls, set up appointments, and compare policies to find the best one based on rates and coverage options. They work with each customer individually and explain every option in detail. As an agent, you must research to stay up to date on new changes within the industry.

The majority of insurance agents make at least $48,000 per year, according to the 2012 reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many salespeople receive commissions with or without fixed incomes. Job growth is steady and likely to grow for life and health insurance agents as the U.S. population gets older.

The minimal education for insurance agents is a high school diploma. However, many professionals have bachelor’s degrees in relevant fields like business, marketing, or economics. Employers like to see job applicants who have taken math and business courses. In most states, agents are required to become licensed by passing an exam. They may be required to take a pre-licensing class first. Every U.S. state has different licensing requirements and exam settings.

Insurance agents are more important than you may think, so deciding to invest in this career is crucial. These agents are the first people you will turn to after a disaster. They safeguard your health, business, and personal assets. They help you deal with piles of bills and work out reasonable payment plans. They are similar to lawyers but less expensive. To become an insurance agent, you must have the right work experience and educational background. Wherever you live, review the requirements to obtain a career in the lucrative insurance industry.

Last Updated: May 04, 2015