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The Pros and Cons of Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcriptionists receive medical notes and patient records in audio form and transcribe them into written reports. Some individuals in this field work from traditional recordings, while others obtain the necessary information online. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates excellent employment opportunities in the future for individuals seeking such positions, especially if they have obtained certification. There is currently a significant demand for workers who are familiar with medical transcription, as such individuals provide a valuable service to health care professionals and insurance companies. However, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of medical transcription jobs before seeking a job in this field:

Employment Security

One very positive aspect associated with medical transcription jobs is employment security. As of 2013, the number of jobs available in this field exceeded the number of people currently employed in such positions. Many job placement agencies state that they have seen substantial increases in the number of openings in the medical transcription field over the past decade. Transcriptionists jobs ranked in the top ten fastest growing health care occupations in 2010. According to the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growth of 60 percent in this field is expected by the year 2016.

Flexible Schedule

Medical billing is generally completed in an office setting; however, individuals who need a non-traditional work environment will be pleased to discover that there are many work from home opportunities in this field. This is particularly beneficial to those who prefer to set their own hours and work a flexible schedule.

Work Environment

A factor that may be viewed negatively by certain individuals regarding medical transcription jobs is the sedentary work environment with which such positions are associated. Some people find it difficult to sit for long periods of time or spend many hours on the computer. Therefore, those who are interested in the health care field but find sedentary work tedious may wish to consider a more active job in the medical industry.

Independent Contractor Status

Because medical transcription is a task that can be completed essentially anywhere, there is currently a popular trend toward self-employment in this field. Many insurance companies and medical professionals offer such work to independent contractors in lieu of hiring employees, as the former is an option that is much less complicated than the latter for most organizations and practitioners. However, those who are self-employed do not qualify for health benefits and are responsible to pay income tax on their salary at the end of the year. Many people prefer to avoid such situations by seeking covered employment. Therefore, job seekers must carefully consider such factors before pursuing employment in this field.

As with any type of employment, weighing the pros and cons of medical transcription jobs is essential for those who want to be sure they make wise career choices. It is never a good idea to make such decisions in haste. Rather, it is best to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of various jobs in the medical field before choosing a specific career.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015