The Pros and Cons of a Security Job

If you have ever thought about finding a job in the security industry, you have probably wondered about the advantages and disadvantages that accompany this type of career. Below are factors to consider before pursuing a position as a security guard, private security contractor, mall security worker, bank guard, or any number of other security-related positions.

Pros of a Security Job:

  • Job Outlook
    The job outlook for many careers within the security industry is good. An increase in security risks such as terrorist attacks and other violent criminal activity has created an increased need for security workers who can protect civilians in public places. Airports, banks, casinos, malls, and a variety of other businesses may hire security guards to reassure customers that a safe environment is a priority.
  • Future Opportunities
    In addition to having a good job outlook, careers in the security industry may also open doors to future career opportunities. For example, people who start out with entry-level security positions can be elevated to the role of security supervisor or, in the instance of a casino security position, pit boss. Additionally, if you establish yourself as a qualified security professional while working for a company, you may be able to launch an independent career as a private security contractor or an armed guard.

Cons of a Security Job:

  • Hours
    The expected work hours for security workers can be challenging. In many cases, people who hold positions in this field are required to be on site overnight or during the weekend, leaving little time for socializing with friends and family members. Because security services are needed every day of the year, security guards may be asked to work during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Safety
    A job in the security industry can be dangerous. Security workers put their lives at risk every day while protecting the lives of employees and customers. If you hold one of these positions, you must be aware of the possibilities of serious injuries and even death that may occur when intervening in terrorist attacks, robberies, and other violent events.

If you are thinking about pursuing a security job, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks that accompany these types of careers. Using the information above, you can decide whether the opportunities of a strong job outlook and future opportunities outweigh the negatives of irregular work hours and safety risks.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015