Man pointing to an image of gears as he decides if he should be a mechanical engineer

Ten Reasons You Should Not be a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are in great demand right now. It is a fun, varied, and interesting field that also tends to pay very well. There are many things that make mechanical engineering a lucrative career, but it is not for everyone. You shouldn’t pursue mechanical engineering if:

  1. You Aren't Creative
    Mechanical engineers are modern day inventors working with new and emerging technologies every day. You will require a quick-thinking mind that can look at things from many different angles and sometimes be required to think far outside the box.
  2. You Hate Math
    Math is an everyday necessity for a mechanical engineer. Math is used when solving problems, validating programs, and writing computer codes.
  3. You Don't Enjoy Science
    Science is just as important as math to a mechanical engineer. Basic understanding of biological and geophysical systems is required for most fields in this profession. Many mechanical engineers go on to work in the bio-medical field where an even greater understanding of science is required.
  4. You Aren't Detail-Oriented
    The devil is in the details, and details matter a great deal. Whether you are testing a new process, overseeing manufacturing, or developing the solution to a problem, overlooking any minor detail can be disastrous in mechanical engineering.
  5. You Can’t Multi-task
    The typical day for a mechanical engineer will include well over a dozen tasks and likely more than one project at once. If you are the type of person who gets easily flustered with too much on their plate then the pressure may be too much to handle.
  6. You Aren't Focused on Education
    Getting into this profession requires a Bachelor's Degree at minimum, and many mechanical engineers opt for a Master's Degree or a PhD. A degree in mechanical engineering requires a great deal of study and effort, with many courses focused on mathematics and sciences.
  7. You Aren't Handy
    Mechanical engineers work with their hands a great deal, whether it is tinkering with electronics or building prototypes. If you aren't skilled with your hands then you could find aspects of this career extremely challenging.
  8. You Are Scared of New Things
    This is not a profession for people who like to get into a groove and stay there. A mechanical engineer will constantly be on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, forcing them to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends.
  9. You Are Easily Defeated
    When you create things everyday and constantly work with emerging technologies things are bound to go wrong. It's important to be able to work through defeat, carefully fix what you can, and keep at it.
  10. You Aren't a Team Player
    Mechanical engineers do not work alone. You will constantly be working on different projects with colleagues, bosses, and clients. Collaboration is a must and those who prefer working by themselves will not find this career pleasing.
Last Updated: April 15, 2015