Woman working on a tablet while she decides if she should be a graphic designer.

Should You Be a Graphic Designer?

Graphic design may seem like a fun career that anyone can do well in, but that’s not the case. While anyone can get a degree in graphic design, there are a few qualities and characteristics that you should possess in order for this career to be a good fit for you. Make sure you have what it takes before you go too far down the graphic design highway.

Are You Creative?
Graphic designers must be creative. The concept of design is highly subjective and must be adapted for the client. A good graphic designer is able to anticipate the client's needs and expectations, and have the ability to inject their own style into the project.

Are You Reliable with Deadlines?
Graphic designers need to be reliable. Whether you’re working on a team or operating alone as a freelance designer, you will be required to meet deadlines. A graphic designer who is unable to meet these deadlines will soon find himself or herself out of work.

Can You Anticipate a Client’s Needs and Meet Expectations?
As a graphic designer, you need to possess the ability to analyze the needs of your client. Oftentimes, a client will have a vague idea of what they want the finished product to be, but they may not be able to give exact specifications of this. A graphic designer must be a strong communicator and capable of analyzing the overall purpose of the design, as well as the expectations of the client, to meet the needs of the client.

Do You Work Well with Others?
Finally, a graphic designer must be able to cooperate with others. As a graphic designer, you will either work on a team or with a client. The ability to coordinate your efforts with others is essential for meeting deadlines and delivering an acceptable finished product. Even if you are working on a project alone, you must be able to cooperate with the client to ensure that their needs and expectations are properly met.

In addition to the qualities, you must be willing to work. Graphic design is competitive, and work experience and dedication are what set people apart. Make sure you have the drive and passion to withstand the demands of this career. If you are willing to work hard to gain experience, you will ultimately be rewarded with success as a graphic designer.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015