Do You Have What it Takes to Be an EMT?

Emergency medical technicians have stressful jobs that aren’t always valued as highly as doctors or nurses. However, many EMTs find what they do to be very rewarding. Here are a few signs that being an EMT may be a great career route for you. 

You Enjoy Working in a Team

EMTs have to work with an ambulance team to assess situations, act quickly, and simultaneously transfer patients to hospitals as they treat patients en route.

You Value Accuracy

EMTs, like doctors, have to be able to know how to assess and accurately treat patients in a very short time span. If you are good at being effectively accurate, become an EMT.

You Remain Composed in Stressful Situations

EMTs work in the most stressful situations, so they have to learn to manage the adrenaline rush and be the calm person in the face of a frantic situation. 

You like Helping Others

The job of the EMT is similar to that of nurses or doctors: they are there to save lives and to help people in the worst emergency situations.

You Adapt Well to Change

EMTs have to go from sitting in an ambulance to managing emergencies within seconds, so they have to be willing and able to make quick switches multiple times per day. 

You Can Make Decisions on Your Own

While EMTs work in a team, the team relies on each individual being able to make quick assessments in emergencies. If you are quick and decisive, consider becoming an EMT.

You’re Not Afraid of Germs and Potential Diseases

EMTs always strive to take proper precautions, but when you’re treating the public, you will be exposed to potentially infectious and blood-borne illnesses. You have to be able to work in the face of those fears.

You Like Working with the Public

Being an EMT means you treat patients and try to save lives regardless of the person or situation. It means working with all kinds of different people who are going through the worst situations.

You’re Good at Working with Your Hands

EMTs have to be good with their hands in order to treat wounds and sometimes perform minor procedures on patients.

You Enjoy Working in Different Environments

No matter the weather or the setting, EMTs have to work. This means working indoors and outdoors, through the rain and through the sun, no matter if it’s cold or warm.

You Don’t Mind Being in a Vehicle All Day

When EMT’s are responding to emergencies, they are out and about, but they have to be in and out of emergencies quickly. Often, EMTs spend a lot of time in the ambulance itself both transporting patients and waiting for dispatcher emergency calls.