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Common Languages Computer Programmers Use to Create Computer Software Programs

Computer programmers have skills that enable them to write code for computer software programs. In order to write code, they have to know and choose which computer programming languages to use. If you’re an aspiring computer programmer or just interested in learning more about computer programming language, familiarize yourself with these common computer programming languages, their uses, benefits, and disadvantages.


Java is a well-known general purpose computer programming language and computing platform software tool that runs on most computers. Java only works for users when they have downloaded the platform that correctly reads the programming language. Java is not always seen as the most reliable platform, but it is widely used by computer programmers. Java is designed to have very few implementation dependencies in order to let programmers write the language once and be able to run the program from anywhere.


Also a general computer programming language, C language is programming languages that set the stage for many other programming languages. C level only allows low-level memory and it was designed to run low-level support. C language is the most widely used computer programming language in history and was originally designed to allow cross-platform programming.


C++ uses the C language’s syntax, and is designed mostly for systems programming. This means that it is used mostly for creating computer software systems rather than smaller, individual programs. C++ enables the programmer to work alongside other programming languages rather than being a separate entity. Today, C++ is one of the most popular computer programming languages.

Objective C

Objective C is the primary coding language for Mac systems like Os X and iOS. It is similar to the C++ language, but it’s modified for Apple products. Objective C offers the programmer objective-oriented capabilities and dynamic runtime.


Python is a high-level general purpose computer programming language. Python emphasizes readability, and it allows the programmer to write fewer lines of code for one objective. It has a large standard library and auto memory management capabilities. Google, Yahoo!, and NASA all use Python as their programming language. 


Java and JavaScript share a similar name, but most programmers say they actually aren’t very similar. Java is seen as a more complex computer programming language, whereas JavaScript is known as the easy-to-use programming language for non-programmers. JavaScript can be embedded the headers of WebPages, and it’s often used for gaming websites and other graphic-based computer software programs. A huge benefit of JavaScript is that it can be used to run the same programs on IBM, HP, and Mac computers. 

Last Updated: April 15, 2015