Pharmacy technician mixing together medicine

Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians

The career path of a pharmacy technician is rewarding for those who find the field fascinating. For some, a career as a pharmacy technician is a temporary job while they pursue further school degrees in pharmaceutical medicine. However, many people have a rewarding life-long career as a pharmacy technician.

Estimated Growth

Pharmacy technicians can work in grocery stores, but most work in pharmacies and hospitals. The outlook for job opportunities for a pharmacy technician is promising. There is an expected employment growth rate of 20% over the next 10 years due to expanding healthcare laws and the aging of the baby-boomer generation.

Management Possibilities

Career growth for a pharmacy technician can be hard to come by. There are few management positions available in small retail stores. However, pharmacy technicians with experience in larger healthcare organizations like a hospital are more likely to move into supervisory positions.

Certification Specialization and Further Education

A technician can also advance their career by pursuing specialized certifications. Chemotherapy, nuclear, and IV certifications increase the value of a technician and usually lead to better compensation. A compounding certification is one of the more popular and well-compensated options for pharmacy technicians. Through this, the technician learns to mix liquid medications. Beyond that, if the technician is willing, going back to school to become a pharmacist is the best option for career advancement.

A career as a pharmacy technician is a great option for those with a deep sense of empathy and a love for the field. Many students who study in to become pharmacists are highly encouraged to pursue a part-time job as a pharmacy technician as a way to pay for school and receive hands-on training simultaneously. The job outlook for life-long careers as a pharmacy technician is booming, and pharmacy techs everywhere are rejoicing.

Last Updated: June 22, 2017