An audiologist checks an elderly woman's ears

Audiologist Salary

When thinking about what kind of career you would like to dedicate your life to, one of the first questions that comes to mind for many people is how much money you will earn. While money isn't the most important thing in life, you do want to feel as though you are being properly compensated for the hard work that you put into your career. The job of an audiologist is one that is very challenging due to the rigors they face on a daily basis. However, an audiology career does offer a competitive salary for those who are thinking about getting into audiology.

The primary job of an audiologist is to diagnose and treat a patient's hearing and balance problems by using advanced technology and procedures. Due to the technical and high level thinking skills involved in becoming an audiologist, you are required to earn a doctoral degree before you can become a licensed audiologist. However, once you have made your way through school, you will find that the average audiologist makes around $69,720 per year. The lowest 10% of audiologists make less than $43,820 while the highest 10% of audiologists earn more than $101,130. However, as with many other fields, the amount that you will be making as an audiologist does depend on where you live. For example:


  • Hawaii: $54,000
  • Illinois: $80,000
  • Maryland: $76,000
  • Massachussetts: $87,000
  • Mississippi: $88,000
  • Nebraska: $61,000


Audiology is a high-demand career that is growing at a much higher rate than other careers right now. After putting in the years of school and long work hours that are required to become an audiologist, you will be paid very well and will likely be afforded a high quality of living. This is a good career for someone who is interested in the sciences and would like to be able to make a real difference in someone's life every time they go into work. If you are considering becoming an audiologist, there is definitely nothing about the salary that should deter you from getting started in this career.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015