A nurse practitioner student smiles knowing she will be a great nurse practitioner.

6 Reasons You Would Be a Great Nurse Practitioner

The role of nurse practitioner requires someone who can assess, treat, and help others learn about medicine. However, there are more personal and essential qualities that all nurse practitioners should embody. So are you right for the job? See if you fit into the characteristics listed below.

1. Excellent Communicator

Are you good at succinctly expressing your thoughts to others? If so, you have one of the most essential skills a nurse practitioner should possess. The ability to communicate in medical lingo with others in your practice and also explain the same information in layman's terms to your patients is a rare and vital quality. This is essential for this profession.

2. Patience

Can you hold your tongue while a client lashes out at you or answer a seemingly endless series of questions without getting frustrated? As a nurse practitioner, patience is essential for all facets of the job. Every one of your patients will have different personalities, level of comprehension, and their own amount of patience. You must remain calm and collected in a variety of frustrating and stressful situations in order to be a successful nurse practitioner.

3. Caring

Do you have empathy for others, and feel strongly about helping patients enjoy a good quality of life? While it may seem obvious that those working in the medical field must be caring, it is important to consider this quality in yourself. Patients will expect you to be kind and approachable as they shares private and personal information with you, and will trust you more if they feel that you have their best interests at heart.

4. Exceptional Endurance

Are you able to remain on your feet and fight through fatigue as needed? The role of a nurse practitioner is as physical as it is mental. You will be on your feet throughout the day seeing patients regardless of the setting in which you work. Additionally, nurse practitioners serve on call hours and may log time in the operating room, all of which can lead to odd work hours and long days.

5. Encouraging

Do you see yourself as someone who helps push others in the direction of their goals? A large part of caring for the patient will include your capability to encourage him or her to follow the treatment protocol that you set forth. The more you can be there to support and encourage them, the more successful your patients will be.

6. Emotionally Stoic

Are you able to separate your feelings from your ability to do your job? This may be the most difficult characteristic that nurse practitioners must possess. You will encounter patients who will be too sick to treat effectively, and those who refuse to heed your suggestions. In order to persevere, it is important to keep your emotions out of your job, as difficult (and sometimes impossible) as it will be.

If you think you possess these qualities, consider becoming a nurse practitioner. It is an incredibly meaningful and fulfilling profession.