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10 Careers with Job Security in a Time of Crisis

Truck Driver

Worldwide pandemic or not, people need supplies and food and as a society, we’ve begun to rely heavily on truck drivers to bring us what we need. Patrick McGuigan, a long-haul truck driver based in Jacksonville Florida told his local news station, “If we slow down, the world stops.”

Diesel Mechanic

With all these trucks driving frantically across country to deliver the goods and supplies that we need, diesel mechanics are also considered essential workers in order to keep the truckers moving and the deliveries coming.

Healthcare Workers

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, home health aides, and any other position in the healthcare industry are always in high demand even when there is not a global pandemic. However, in the last few weeks, we’ve realized that they are our unsung heroes, always on the front lines of any crisis.

Police Officer

During a crisis, the country as a whole relies on our boys in blue to protect us and to enforce strict laws and procedures put into place to keep us all safe. These brave men and women risk their lives for society every day, but even more so in times of crises, and most especially in this, the time of the coronavirus.


In a time when many people would normally look down their noses at the thought of taking a job as a cashier or shelf-stocker, we have been hit with the hard reality that those jobs are absolutely vital to keep our society running when all else fails. The jobs lost due to Coronavirus may very well be replaced by the hundreds of thousands of retail positions opening up during the pandemic.


Pandemic or not, people need their day-to-day, sometimes life-saving medications. Pharmacists are going nowhere. Many pharmacies may have switched to drive-through only services, but they are still high in demand for many people.

Delivery Driver

Yet another profession that many may sneer at, but if you look around, you’ll notice that during this pandemic, they are in high demand. Many online delivery services are currently hiring because the need is so high due to the number of quarantining families ordering in from restaurants. Also parcel delivery drivers are high in demand as many people are opting to order their goods and supplies online to avoid going out in public.

Childcare Worker

During this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, almost all schools in the country have been closed for an undetermined amount of time. Parents who are considered essential personnel are having to find childcare since school is unavailable. Being a childcare worker may just guarantee that you have a job in any economy.

Online Communications

During Coronavirus, technology is even in more demand than it was just a month ago. Many people are turning to more and more tech services in order to continue to work from home, order food and supplies online, and find learning opportunities for their children. Tech companies are hiring thousands at this time to keep up with the growing online demand, according to

Utility Workers

It doesn’t matter what happens to be going on in the world, people still need their electricity, gas, water, and other utilities. Being a utility worker in a time of crisis basically guarantees that you will be an essential worker and you will be able to continue to work even when most other jobs have been lost.