10 Foods You Should Never Eat at Work

Navigating the maze that is lunchtime etiquette at the office can be tricky because you want to have the freedom to eat what you want. Unfortunately, you also don’t want your co-workers to hate you for it, and glare at you for microwaving something that stunk up the entire office. Here are 10 foods you should avoid eating at the office at all costs.

1 of 10 Fish

So, you made a great fish dish last night, and you want to reheat it. Please don't. Fish is No. 1 on this list because it’s the number one offender when it comes to stinky workplace lunches. Salmon, tilapia, cod, or any other type of fish may constitute a “healthy lunch,” but it certainly won’t help you develop any healthy workplace relationships with your co-workers. They'll have to smell it for hours after your nuke it in the breakroom microwave. Don't bother looking up "tips" that help decrease the smell. No matter what you do (even if you cover it in some sort of container), it'll smell pretty badly. If you want a healthy lunch with fish to get maximum omega-3 fatty acids, try eating it cold in a salad. Healthy, delicious, and your co-workers will thank you.

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