Woman filling out a job application

Top Sites to Find a New Job

The Internet has evolved into an indispensable resource for every job search. Since job searching can now be done online, searches can be done from the comfort of your own home. While networking is still an important part of every job search, the scope of job listing sites can be a valuable additional resource.


LinkedIn is the number one online tool you should utilize in your job search. The website is set up as an online resume, which makes it great for self-promotion. Networking is vital in every job search, and LinkedIn lets you connect with former employers, former co-workers, potential employers, and people with similar business experience and career aspirations. LinkedIn also has a feature that lets you endorse others, who will in turn endorse you for your skills. You can also follow companies to stay updated on who's hiring.


Online bulletin boards, blogs, and professional forums, like Indeed, provide the opportunity to search by type of job, type and size of firm, and location. Indeed is an aggregate search engine that focuses specifically on job postings. It is currently the most visited job site in the United States. Using a simple basic interface, Indeed pulls in listings from public job boards, company career pages, and newspapers, making it a quick resource for hitting all the major job search avenues. While it does a good of covering most bases, some postings at smaller companies may get overlooked by this larger-scope engine.


Another well-known job board site is Monster, which has a sector where job seekers can be matched with employers. Monster lists job openings around the world in addition to those in the United States. This site is an excellent place for job seekers to post resumes. Many recruiters associated with both large corporations and small companies frequently visit Monster to collect resumes for presentations in a board of directors or corporate think-tank sessions as an easy and reliable way to locate potential candidates for an open position. CareerBuilder, another of these sites, hosts over 10,000 websites that are highly trusted by job seekers.

Online Newspapers

Local online newspapers are also a good resource. Newspapers remain a major source of job listing in their classifieds sections, though many of them have migrated their physical sections to their websites to save costs. Online newspapers are also very good resources for local and regional jobs that may be overlooked by more nationally focused search engines.