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Top 5 Self-Publishing Companies

If you choose to self-publish your latest book, you’ll probably need the help of a printing company or vendor to help you make your self-published book a success. These days there are self-publishing companies that help authors with printing, formatting, and distributing the book. These companies can make the self-publishing process much more expensive, but they can also help you gain higher sales through wider distribution. Learn about the top self-publishing companies to help you with your next writing project.

Infinity Publishing
If you’re looking for a self-publishing company that can help you maximize your distribution options while allowing you to print in bulk or on-demand, Infinity Publishing has got you covered. They have a range of service options that you can pick and choose from, including (but not limited to) editorial services, formatting, language translation, reading copies, e-book publishing, distribution services, and marketing services.

Kindle Direct Publishing
Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an e-book self-publishing service that allows you to upload your manuscript in less than an hour and create your own self-published e-book. As an Amazon service, your e-book can be distributed within hours to people online all over the world. KDP allows you to have control over your rights and set your own prices, and you’ll also keep 70% of the profits. If you’re looking to ditch the printing costs and go straight to the online world, KDP is a great option.

Lulu is one of the pioneers of self-publishing companies. With Lulu, you can create e-books or have your books printed in bulk. They then help you distribute your books by offering selling services on their website and through partners like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Lulu also offers marketing services if you want to make your new book a hit. Another great thing about Lulu is they offer resources to help you learn about what it takes to make money as a self-publisher.

IUniverse is another great full-service self-publishing company that can offer you more than the normal benefits. With iUniverse, you’ll be able to find editorial, formatting, distribution, and marketing services, but they also offer a unique recognition program that can be vital to making your book a top seller. When iUniverse finds great books, they feature them through their recognition program and get those books in featured sections of large bookstores like Barnes & Noble. If you want your self-publishing service to help you make it big, this recognition service is something to consider.

Dog Ear Publishing
Unlike other self-publishing services that make you pay for each service you need individually, Dog Ear publishing offers you self-publishing services as a package. You can get a full-spectrum package that includes professional copyediting, marketing consultations, pay-per-click marketing, SEO, and distribution services for under $4,000, and you can get basic services as a package for just $1,099. Dog Ear also helps you compare the competition by showing you other prices out there. Dog Ear is a great option for self-publishers working on tight budgets who also need lots of services.