Requirements for a Security Guard Job

If you were asked to name the most important jobs in the U.S. economy, the chances are that you might not immediately think of security guards. And yet without proper security measures in retail stores, banks, malls, corporations, and other entities, businesses would be unable to go about their daily activities. The presence of a security guard ensures that a place is kept safe at all times. Thieves and other criminals may feel intimidated by the presence of security guards and feel less inclined to break the law.

One large benefit of becoming a security guard is that you can enjoy long-term job stability. There is a constant need for professionals in the security industry. Here are some of the skills and characteristics that are required if you are interested in becoming a security guard.

Past Experience

The amount of experience required for a security position will depend on the individual business. Some businesses may hire entry-level security guards who have no experience if they will be trained by veteran security guards in the organization. Entry-level security guards may also be hired if a business intends to have them work a low-risk shift. High-end jewelry stores or banks may require that security guards have extensive experience or even a police or military background.

Vigilance and Stamina

All employers will expect a security guard to be able to detect and deter criminal activity. Security guards should have great awareness of their surroundings and always be prepared to act. In the event that criminals must be apprehended, a guard should be physically able to detain them.

Additional Skills

Employers will require that security guards have excellent verbal communication skills. Communication is vital for preventing attacks or speaking with suspects on the premises. Security guards should have adept listening skills and also be able to respond to the concerns of customers.

Acquiring Security-Related Skills

If you feel that you need training to become more qualified for security positions, you may want to enroll in a security guard training class. A training class can help you understand how to become a better security guard. You can learn how to interact with customers and also improve your communication skills. Security guard training programs can also help you learn how to make sound decisions in the midst of an emergency.

Personality Characteristics

Security guards should always act on the defensive and be ready to respond to attacks. Security guards must also remain calm during a crisis. An effective guard knows how to work well under pressure and functions well as part of a team.