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How to Self-Publish

If you aspire to have your work published but don’t want to go through a publishing company, you can always try out self-publishing. There’s so much technology these days that makes self-publishing a completely reasonable option for people who want a higher percentage of profits than publishing companies tend to give authors. If you need to know how to be successful by self-publishing, look no further. Follow these steps to learn how to self-publish your next book.

Write and Then Rewrite
Somewhat obviously, the most important part of self-publishing is having a worthwhile book to publish. Make sure you aren’t just writing a book for quick cash to self-publish, because quite honestly, you won’t make any money unless you put tons of time into the writing. Don’t forget to have professional editors edit your work.

Research Costs
The costs of self-publishing can be expensive, especially if you want to do it well. Costs to consider include paying for editors, a cover design, printing costs, distribution costs, and tons of marketing and advertising costs.

Hire Editors
Again, you need to make sure you have people edit your work. If you want to do it well, hire a experienced copyeditors. If you’re working on a budget, you should at the very least have your manuscript peer-edited at workshops or through classes.

Get the Manuscript Formatted
Your book has to be formatted with correct margins for printing. If you know how to use formatting programs like InDesign or book-specific formatting tools, you may be able to do it yourself. However, it can be time-consuming. If you pay someone to format it for you, it’ll cost around $400 for a 500-page paperback book.

Get a (Professional) Cover Design
You need to either pay a graphic designer to make a cover or design one yourself. If you don’t have a good cover design, consumers aren’t likely to think of your work as reputable, which can harm your sales.

Add Copyright Language
Make sure to get copyright rights and add language that says “All Rights Reserved” to protect your work from someone stealing it and getting it published through a company.

Decide Whether or Not to Get an ISBN
You don’t have to get an ISBN, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to sell your book anywhere except through personal distribution. ISBNs cost around $100.

Choose Between Print Publish or E-Book Publish (or Both)
Many people these days are choosing to publish their books as e-books instead of using traditional printing routes. There are tons of sites, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble partners, which will allow you to publish and sell your book online for a percentage of your profits. You can also use a printing company to have your books printed as they are demanded or in bulk.

Market, Market, Market
After you have the published book in your hands, it’s time to start marketing your book. It’s a good idea to make use of social media to try and gain a following of potential buyers. You may also want to hire a publicist to help you with book signings and trying to get recognition. Many self-published authors also pay to have their book reviewed by Kirkus or other reviewing sites. These are great ways to promote your book. The key to self-publishing success is a great book and great marketing.