12 Jobs So Cool You Won't Believe They're Real

Are you in desperate need of a vacation from your boring, run-of-the-mill job? We’ll bet that if you had one of these awesome gigs instead, you wouldn’t ever need a holiday!

1 of 12 Ice Cream Flavor Guru

Ben & Jerry’s would be one of the most awesome places to work for many reasons, especially for those who dream of developing new & ingenuitive ice cream flavors. The famous ice cream company has ice cream flavor gurus who - get this - actually get paid to go on trips every year, where they visit local restaurants and order every single dessert on the menu for a little inspiration. Then they come back to the factory, where the magic really happens.

Plus, Ben & Jerry’s employees get three free pints of ice cream...Every. Single. Day. A free gym membership is also part of the sweet deal, so they can work off all that Cherry Garcia.

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